HR is a hot topic

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Have you seen the stories where employees have been underpaid and companies are in breach of the Fair Work Act? There needs to be a shift in mindset about the role HR plays within a business. It can be detrimental if you lack knowledge regarding compliance and HR processes – the Fair Work Ombudsman doesn’t take ignorance lightly.

Employee agreements

This sets out important information regarding pay rates, entitlements, hours of work, terms and conditions. This allows the employee to focus on productivity rather than their pay situation. It creates consistency and security for both parties.

Award/pay rates
Use your industry award or enterprise agreement to ensure pay rates are equivalent or better than what is legislated. You also need to be aware of increases every year and modify where necessary.

This may only take an hour, but it outlines the business vision, provides a background of the company culture and enforces company direction. It also makes the new employee feel a part of something – everyone wants to love the place where they work.

Your business doesn’t have to have a full time HR person, you can outsource. There is no excuse for not being compliant. We can help you with your HR and Compliance needs.

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