The spine of your business

Workplace Policies

The spine of your business

Starting a business is an exciting time – you have the vision turned into a reality! You hope it will succeed yet are unsure of the ‘behind the scenes’ conformity. A sustainable business requires a strong backbone which supports your vision and provides stability in three focus areas:

  1. Financials

Have the correct business structure set up from the start. If you’re unsure, seek assistance, e.g. entity type, GST/PAYG, insurances, software packages, bank accounts and payment services.

  1. Human Resources
    Whether you have one employee or 1,000 employees, it’s crucial to set up systems and processes to support growth and provide objectives and consistency, e.g. employment contracts through to performance and productivity goals.
  2. Compliance
    Being aware of statutory legal obligations which are relevant to your business. External stakeholders could include: ATO, Fair Work, Workcover, Office of State Revenue, WHS, Quality & Environmental standards that are enforced via external auditors.

The synergy of these three areas create the ‘spine’ of your business and establish a strong and seamless operation so you can focus on what you do best!

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