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Initial Client Consultation (1 hour)

The initial consultation is where we discuss your business, your role and how ICS can support your business needs.  Every business has different needs and we are here to assist you in the best way possible and can offer a variety of options for outsourcing Financials, Human Resources and Compliance work.

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Client Consult/Training (1-2 hours)

Client consultation/training is where we can focus on certain topics that you may want to be trained on or understand more.  It can about getting to know your software, future planning for the business, a neutral person to bounce business ideas off or just needing some tips and tricks for everyday activities.  Again, this is very personalised to your business needs and requirements.

Consultations are completed in 1/2 hr timeslots.

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Cancellations within a 24-48 hour period result in a 50% consult charge.

Cancellation under 24 hrs results in a 100% consult charge.