What are systems? Do the words 'Workplace Health & Safety' & 'Quality' make you shudder?

It's about creating strong internal systems that align with standards, regulations and other legal obligations. This creates a workplace that embraces continuous improvement and promotes positive change that builds on tradition and excellence.

Do you have a business system that complies with Workplace Health & Safety and Quality standards? Are you setting the standards for your employees, visitors and contractors to ensure safety in the workplace and how you want your tasks to be done?

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Systems create the backbone of any business

Imperium Corporate Services is able to conduct Internal Audits or Analysis of your systems to ensure compliance with the standards and other legal requirements. Internal audit activities consist of:

Evaluating controls and advising managers at all levels: assessing the tone and risk management culture of the business at one level through to evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of the implementation of management policies at another.

Evaluating risks: it is management’s job to identify the risks that facing the organisation and to understand how they will impact the delivery of objectives if they are not managed effectively. Internal audits are a proactive based approach to anticipating the future risks and opportunities providing assurance, advice and insight where it is most needed on.

Analysing operations and confirm information: this process reviews operations and reports their findings once the auditor understands the strategic objectives of the business.

Imperium Corporate Services provides an independent, unbiased 
and objective assessment of the operations of a business against the
 ISO standards for Quality and OH&S

Improvement is fundamental to the purpose of internal auditing. It is done by advising, coaching and facilitating in order not to undermine the responsibility of management and should been seen as a positive motivator for employees to achieve higher standards of outcomes.

Integrated Management System (IMS)

We use an Integrated Management System (IMS) for the management of Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental risks in your business.

Continual Improvement 

To ensure compliance with the ISO standards for workplace Health & Safety and Quality, we help you develop the process of ‘Plan Do Check Act’ to achieve continual improvement.