Sunshine Coast Business Womens Network Awards Finalist for Micro Business of the Year 2019!

This is a personal blog about a process that has really made me look back over the last 2 years and see how far this business has grown and affected my clients and people that I work with.  I am feeling so honoured to have been selected as a finalist for the SCBWN Micro Small Business Woman of the Year Award. When I got the email I was in tears – such a shock and then the realisation that other people see my vision and believe in what I am doing just made me so so happy.  I felt like a winner for just being nominated and this has taken it to the next level!

The process has made me look at all the milestones that I have reached and also some of the lessons learnt along the way.  It allows you to see the business and its direction in a new light and provides motivation to keep going on the path that I should follow.

To read about the amazing 27 women who have been nominated and are in various categories, please click here.  Good luck to each and every one of you – you are all amazing women who understand what it takes to be successful and ride on the rollercoaster of owning or being part of a business that impacts others.

Sunshine Coast Business Womens Network Awards 2019